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TaxiFares Cloud API

Why TaxiFares?

Pre-booked taxi journeys have not traditionally been available via an online booking system and where they have they are limited to the big cities like London and Birmingham.

TaxiFares is changing that. Our network is built of 100's of highly reliable taxi companies that operate in a free market. There are no flat rates, no fixed fees, and no minimum restrictions.

Each taxi charges local and competitive rates and the TaxiFares system manages and maintains their bookings whilst at the same time monitoring the performance and raising awareness of any issues.

The benefits to your business

Our system is completely automated and provides a fantastic opportunity for any travel site to make additional revenue on holiday, flight, hotel and event bookings.

By provisioning the "get to and get home" part of the booking not only are you offering an all-inclusive service to your customers but you are creating opportunities to gain additional income for your business.

The uniqueness of the TaxiFares system provides a great opportunity for early adopters, other benefits of our system include:

  • No cap on margins
  • Support in API implementation
  • Bookings made with existing network of over 300 trusted taxi firms that have been rated by previous customers so you can be assured your customers will receive a high level of customer service
  • Not restricted to large cities – TaxiFares operates across the UK
  • TaxiFares is an unique and innovative taxi system that is constantly improved and developed.